We are a Veteran owned professional junk removal Company

FOUNDERS: Jonathan Buchanan & Shawn Bodio

We’re veteran owned, fast, efficient and experienced in total junk removal. Our junk removal is a service that involves the pick up and removal of unwanted items.

We also offer roll-off residential sized dumpsters.  Perfect for home projects and contractors and roofers.

That’s not all.  We are committed to giving back to our community.  A portion of all proceeds benefits Veteran and Christian based charities.

Meet the owners: Jonathan Buchanan was born & raised in Sussex county. Upon graduation from Indian River High School in 2008, he joined the Marine Corps. He was a LAAD Gunner with 3D LAAD Battalion stationed at Camp Pendalton in California until he moved back to Sussex County in late 2014. Upon moving back, his goal was to own a company his four children could one day run while also giving back to fellow vets. GI Junk is his third company to date, yet the first that has formed its mission based upon giving back.   Shawn Bodio is a New England transplant to Sussex County where he has made his home for 20+ years having raised three children here. He proudly holds the title of the first Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt in Sussex County. Shawn says, “I love living here in Sussex with its drive on beaches, and sporting lifestyle whether it’s running, biking, fishing or hunting.” Having owned multiple companies in the past, he says, “GI Junk is the first company I’ve been a part of where charitable giving is part of its mission statement. I’m very proud to be a part of this company.“  

Giving back: When we started this company, we decided to make it our personal mission to give back to what means the most to us — veterans. Each year we will donate a portion from our proceeds to the Wounded Warrior Program. Our goal as we grow as a company, is to add another veteran based charity to bless with a portion of our proceeds each year. Having said that, we would love to hear from our customers about veteran charities that are near & dear to their hearts as well.

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